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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd never heard about GOODIE until recently. Has the company been in the food production and providing industry for a long time? Please see ABOUT US.

GOODIE is involved in so many sectors and doing so many things, it can be a bit confusing. Is there a summary of the company's activities? Please see ABOUT US.

How do GOODIE’s food offers differ from their competitors? Why should I buy GOODIE’s products? Because GOODIE is an excellent choice. In GOODIE you will always find high quality products at the best and reasonable prices. Our products are subject to rigorous quality controls in order to ensure that they are produced and maintained in perfect conditions of hygiene and freshness. Buying at GOODIE will save you money because we buy raw materials directly from the source. We set up long-terms agreements with our suppliers, which let us offer our customers high-quality products at prices that are extremely competitive and stable. GOODIE implemented its Service, Quality and Price approach from the beginning. This decision prompted the company to rearrange its priorities as follows: Customers, workers, suppliers, the company and capital. In broad outlines, this philosophy materializes as follows: Marketing; GOODIE’s commercial strategy is that from the beginning, the company has been developing the best service and the best quality at the best possible price. Furthermore, the company is making efforts to ensure intrinsic product quality through its life principle strategy. Human resources; The best service and the best quality at the best and reasonable prices model has led us to regard workers as our second priority. Most of the individuals that form part of the organization are permanent. All of them receive high level training, getting skills and knowledge that help us to maintain high quality in the production of our products and quality of service we offer. With GOODIE you receive genuine savings because all of our products are always at the best and reasonable prices. GOODIE gives you freedom and convenience, because you can buy what you want when you want it, in the same place and always saving money. GOODIE provides a wide portfolio of food products and services at the best and reasonable price and GOODIE deliver your orders anywhere in the world, in the shortest possible time, with the maximum freshness. We offer and provide a range of our own food & brand products as well as a range of high street brands. Our talented staffs create solutions for your business, offering you a wide range of products and services specifically adapted to your business. This service differs from that of our competitors in that it has been carefully developed to meet customer's needs. We know that each market is a different world, each customer is special, each employer has his or her own ideas of business, and most of them are right. You know about your business, we adapt our products and services to you. We provide products and services based and adapted to a real experience. We visit each country, each market, each business, each culture and we learn each way of doing things in every manner. We learn directly from you and your environment, and all that helps us to identify the right solutions for your business. We use innovative products, systems and technology and ensure that you will receive the very best products and services in the market.

I have always known GOODIE as food producers and supplier, but I've heard that the company offers other services as well. What services are these? It is fair to say that in some sectors, GOODIE is better known for their food products and foodservices. However, support services and logistic services are key parts of our offer. Increasingly, our clients are relying on us for a comprehensive range of outsourced support services and logistic services. We offer a full range of hard and soft services.

What is GOODIE’s policy on healthy eating? We know we have an enormous influence on what our customers choose to eat and drink. Health, good nutrition and encouraging a balanced approach to eating are at the heart of our business and our policies reflect this approach. Our company offers products that fit into a more health conscious lifestyle. It also offers more point-of-sale awareness that helps customers choose healthier options. This is supported by all our brands, which use the latest technology to provide a great range of freshly-cooked meals.

How do I know that GOODIE’s food products are not full of hidden nasties like saturated fats and salts? We have developed our own range of products with levels of saturated fat and salt that meet the FOOD CODEX targets. Through producing in our plants, we have reduced the amount of saturated fats in a wide range of products, and also sourced new products which are virtually free of trans-fatty acids.

What are GOODIE’s views on ethical trading? GOODIE is committed to ensuring that all of our dealings with suppliers - from the point of search and selection, through to supply and payment - are conducted in accordance with our guiding principles of responsible and ethical trading. These criteria are:

Employment is freely chosen
Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected
Working conditions are safe and hygienic
Child labor shall not be used
Living wages are paid
Working hours are not excessive
No discrimination is practiced
Regular employment is provided
No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Our ethical good practice is promoted by positive selection of suppliers demonstrating the points noted above, and by the encouragement of best practice amongst all suppliers. We expect our suppliers to adopt a similar position with their supply base and to implement similar internal policies to those in GOODIE.

Providing food for people of all ages has specific responsibilities. How can I be sure that food that GOODIE provides is healthy and nutritious for my children? We believe that developing a healthy diet and good eating habits early on will lay the foundations for future health. Our products support the development and implementation of Nutritional Standards for children and elderly people food. Our products are nutritionally analyzed and offer a balance of foods. Our customers have the flexibility to adapt our products to suit the needs of each consumer. Our products strive to use the highest quality fresh food incorporating seasonal and regional produce where possible. We have a network of national and regional suppliers of raw materials who we actively work with to reduce the fat, sugar and salt levels of our food against target nutrient specifications set by the Food Codex. We also work to minimize and eliminate, where possible, the use of additives and are continually working towards the removal of trans-fats from within our range of products. GOODIE believes part of its role as a food provider is to assist in informing and encouraging customers to eat a more varied and balanced diet. This is achieved through education, information provision and promotional activities.

How does GOODIE train its employees to deliver such high levels of service? Investing in our people is essential for employee motivation, productivity - and, of course, client satisfaction. The Learning & Development team plays a vital role in giving our people enhanced skills and knowledge through development in the classroom and work-based learning.

The Food Standards Agency estimates 100 million people in the world are affected by food poisoning every year. What does GOODIE do to prevent food poisoning? We prevent food poisoning by training all our staff on good food hygiene practices. A few of these are outlined below.
We produce and store food correctly as soon as it is produced or prepared
We always adhere to the best before and use by dates
We cover and label all food
We ensure food is the right temperature when produced, transported, stored and delivered
We produce and preserve food thoroughly to kill any harmful bacteria
We sanitize all facilities, machines and materials usually before storage and between tasks

What is GOODIE’s policy on sourcing food regionally? We are committed to Turkish sourcing where availability and quality allow. A significant portion of our food products are already sourced from Turkey and we aim to buy more great quality Turkish produce. Sourcing food regionally is important to us as a company because it helps us support Turkish farmers as well as maintain a robust supply chain with complete traceability and supplier due diligence.

Why does GOODIE use containers for its deliveries? It would be too difficult for us to make the deliveries to our customers around world by other forms of transport. We make deliveries to our central depot and then we use 20 or 40 feet containers (Dry or reefer) to consolidate all the products ordered by a particular client and delivery directly to their site.

For more information please contact with info@goodiebebe.com


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